Dear Brothers and Sisters,


This is to inform you that Shri Muniraj today on the 4th of August

has left his body.
This is very sad news for all of us, but to comfort our pain know that for

Shri Muniraj the last year has been very very difficult for his physical body.
He is free of that suffering now and enjoying with Shri Babaji in another dimension.


Pinda Kacha, Sabdha Sacha
The body is perishable, the word is eternal





The Haidakhandi Samaj is organizing a prayer meeting to pay tributes and homage to Shri Munirajj, who left for his heavenly abode on Saturday 4th August 2012, on Wednesday 15th August 2012 at 11am at N.K. Banquet Hall, Bareilly Road. Haldwani.
(Adjacent to Indian Oil Petrol Pump & opposite to Shama Restraunt).
The meeting will be followed by Bhandara.
All are cordially invited. 


Dear All,

Sri Maha Munirajji merged with Babaji at 2:15 PM. (Indian time) 

He said : "Babaji was calling him "

God and Guru live in the dialogue you are having within your own heart. 

There is no longer any distance, please stay connected.


Tomorrow morning Sri Munirajji will leave his home for the last time at 11 am and travel to Rani Bagh, by about 1 pm he will be committed to the sacred flame.


On August 15th there will be a Puja at Sri Munirajji's home and afterwards there will be a Bandara (feast).


At 3 pm at an as yet undisclosed  location there will be a  condolence meeting where we can all meet with the family and each other.

Much Love




2.8.12 Informationen (ein Video!)


Traduction : 

"Merci à tous de m'avoir aidé
par vos prières,
par votre amour,
par votre soutien.
Maintenant, je vais mieux.

J'espère vous voir à la période de la Navaratri.
Tout le monde doit faire du karma yoga,
et à travers l'amour et la fraternité,
alors, tout le monde (sera) heureux, 

Heureux, Heureux, Heureux."




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