Ashwin Navaratri in Chiliyanoula


Dear Brothers and Sisters,


Ashwin Navaratri in Chiliyanoula was celebrated wonderfully. Numbers of foreign devotees were not so high as in previous years but Divine presence was certainly like always.
For many it was also facing the fact that Shri Muniraj is no longer with us, heading the celebrations but sharing that loss, the love and respect we all have for him enforced the family feeling and made it somehow easier to accept. 
The organization of the festivities went also very smooth and it was felt that he was still streamlining things from beyond.
Also with the Samaj operations we leaped forward with some long standing issues of which you will be informed shortly.  All in all it was a lovely Navaratri. 
Lal Baba's web site is a complete document with holding registration of all the Aarti's, Havan's, Bhagvat readings  and the most artistic photo's of what took place in these wonderful days at Anandpuri Ashram. 
Please take a look :


Bhole Baba ki Jai !
Durga Maya ki Jai !
Shri Muniraj Maharaj ki Jai !





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