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Dear Brothers and Sisters

This is to inform you that MUNIRAJJI has left his body on the 4th of August 2012. This is very sad news for all of us, but to    comfort our pain know that for HIM the last years have been very difficult for his physical body.
HE is free of that suffering now and enjoying with BABAJI in another dimension.

Pinda Kacha, Sabdha Sacha - the body is perishable, the word is eternal. BABAJI


Dear All

SRI MAHA MUNIRAJ merged with BABAJI at 2:15 PM (Indian time). HE said: BABAJI was calling HIM.

God and Guru live in the dialogue you are having within your own heart. There is no longer any distance, please stay connected.

Much Love



Dear Brothers and Sisters

In memory of our beloved MUNIRAJJI, the Samaj has made a wonderful news letter dedicated to HIM only.

Please remember MUNIRAJJI for his enormous dedication to BABAJI and his teachings, the ashrams and hospitals.

The best way to honor and love MUNIRAJJI is to follow HIM in his actions

International Haidakhandi Journal Special Edition